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Mission & Strategy

The IPBS international strategy aims to reinforce cooperation, to increase the IPBS international visibility and attractiveness but also to heighten IPBS participation to the European Horizon2020 research and innovation framework.

This strategy for the development and structuration of the IPBS international cooperation is driven by Dr. Isabelle Saves, head of the international Cooperation office. It is conducted in direct interaction with the Direction for European and International Research Cooperation and the Partnerships and Valorisation Office of the CNRS and in line with both the University of Toulouse and the Region Occitanie policy.

The feeding of IPBS international network of research institutions also implies the Campus France Agency and the French and foreign diplomatic networks and the organization of visiting delegations.


Notably, the incentive and support work carried out over the past two years has already resulted in very positive results, such as the awarding of the very first ERC Starting Grant at IPBS to Dr. Etienne Meunier, an ERA-NET funding on Antimicrobial resistance and a MRSEI ANR grant allowing the IPBS to constitute and coordinate an European consortium including 15 partners from both the academic and private sectors, the  establishment of one LIA with a co-tutelle PhD, the recruitment of four Marie Sklodowska Curie Action (MSCA)  or MSCA/Respire Foundation fellows, and the strong increase of researchers’ mobility.