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Membrane and DNA Dynamics

Laurence Salomé

Group Leader

Our multidisciplinary group combines fundamental studies with original technological developments. Our main research activity is to describe and model the organization and dynamics of cell membranes in the context of infectious processes (AIDS, tuberculosis) or signaling functions (GPCR).

We also develop single molecule studies of mechanisms involving DNA molecules (recombination, denaturation).


Dynamic organization of biological membranes. 
The initial steps of signalling or infectious processes are intimately related to the dynamic organization of the relevant receptors in the cell’s plasma membrane. We aim to understand how the plurimolecular interactions experienced by these receptors in their complex lipidic and proteic environment accomplish this regulation. 

To achieve this, we use advanced techniques: fluorescence spectroscopy, fluorescence recovery after photobleaching (FRAP) at variable spot radius and Single Particle Tracking, in combination with improved analytic and modeling tools.


Our priority is to obtain biologically relevant information on endogenous receptors in native cells. We also develop experiments on biomimetic membranes with a view to explain the rules governing the observed receptor regulation using membranes of controlled composition.



Single DNA molecule biophysics.
We have recently developed a novel biochip for the simultaneous acquisition of Tethered Particle Motion data on up to thousand single DNA molecules. This technological achievement enables us to investigate DNA-protein interactions and physicochemical properties of DNA with much-improved resolution. Our main interest is in the detailed understanding of the formation and activation of recombination synapses and of more fundamental questions such as the inflence of ions and temperature on the DNA conformational dynamics.

We also currently explore promising perspectives for application of our single DNA chip as an ultra-sensitive detector of trace pollutants (drugs, pesticides) in water.


Main Publications

Brunet A et al. (2015) Probing a label-free local bend in DNA by single molecule tethered particle motion. Nucleic Acids Res 43(11): e72

Carayon K et al. (2014) Heterologous regulation of mu-opioid (MOP) receptor mobility in the membrane of SH-SY5Y cells.  J Biol Chem 289: 28697-706

Mazères S et al. (2014) Characterization of M-laurdan, a versatile probe to explore order in lipid membranes. F1000 Res 3: 172

Mascalchi P et al. (2012) Single Particle Tracking reveals two distinct environments for CD4 receptors at the surface of living T lymphocytes. Biochem Biophys Res Comm 417: 409–413

Mascalchi P*, Haanappel E* et al. (2012) Probing the influence of the particle in Single Particle Tracking measurements of lipid diffusion. Soft Matter 8: 4462-4470



Tracking beads attached to biomolecules, we study the diffusion of membrane receptors (Single Particle Tracking, left) or the conformational dynamics of DNA (Tethered Particle Motion, right).



Laurence Salomé

CNRS Research director

Fabrice Dumas

Associate Professor - University of Toulouse

Evert Haanappel

CNRS Research associate

Etienne Joly

INSERM Research associate

Catherine Tardin

Associate Professor - University of Toulouse

Research Assistant

Serge Mazères

CNRS Engineer in Microscopy and Spectroscopy

PhD Student

Jacques Augenstreich

Fellow of the Ministry of Higher Education & Research


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