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Phagocyte migration and differentiation

Isabelle Maridonneau-Parini

Group Leader

Macrophages infiltrate all body tissues which are heterogeneous in composition, stiffness and architecture. This process, critical for immune protection, also promotes inflammatory diseases and cancers, and its control has become a pharmacological challenge. In this attempt, we are investigating the molecular and cellular mechanisms involved in macrophage 3D migration.

We have shown that macrophages use two migration strategies, the amoeboid and mesenchymal modes, depending on the matrix porosity, and that, amongst leukocytes, only macrophages are capable of using the mesenchymal migration mode.

Macrophage infiltration into tumor cell spheroids and in vivo into mouse tumors involves mesenchymal migration.

In the tuberculosis context, macrophages with a bacilli-permissive phenotype exhibit an enhanced capacity for mesenchymal migration. 

Mesenchymal migration requires proteases to create paths in the matrix and podosomes, the unique adhesion structures formed by macrophages. We have identified three podosome effectors, Hck, Filamin A and WASp, as key regulators of mesenchymal migration. An ongoing comparative transcriptomic analysis of 3D-migrating macrophages will lead to the identification of additional candidate genes regulating mesenchymal migration.
As podosomes play a critical role in mesenchymal migration, we have also started investigating their mechanical properties, and have revealed that protrusive forces are generated at podosomes in order to sense the rigidity of the environment. We are currently developing new experimental approaches as well as automated image analysis tools dedicated to the characterization of podosome force, architecture and dynamics. HIV-1, the pathogen responsible for AIDS, uses macrophages as host cells. It manipulates their migration by affecting podosomes, further supporting our team’s strategy of identifying pharmacological targets to control macrophage migration in pathological situations.


Main Publications

Souriant S et al. (2019). Tuberculosis boosts HIV-1 production by macrophages through IL-10/STAT3-dependent tunneling nanotube formation. Cell Rep 26(13):3586-99


Raynaud-Messina B et al. (2018). The bone degradation machinery of osteoclasts: a novel HIV-1 target that contributes to bone loss. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 115(11):2556-65


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Verollet C et al. (2015). HIV-1 reprograms the migration of macrophages. Blood 25:611-22


Scanning electron micrography of human monocyte-derived macrophages (pink) that have infiltrated a thick layer of Matrigel® (grey) for 72h. 
They degrade the extracellular matrix and dig tunnels.

© Renaud Poincloux




Isabelle Maridonneau-Parini

Isabelle Maridonneau-Parini

INSERM Research director

Fabrice Dumas

Associate Professor - University of Toulouse
Arnaud Labrousse

Arnaud Labrousse

Associate Professor in Cellular Biology - University of Toulouse

Frédéric Lagarrigue

CNRS Research associate in immunology

Véronique Le Cabec

CNRS Research associate

Brigitte Raynaud-Messina

CNRS Research associate

Research Assistants

Myriam Ben Neji


Postdoctoral fellows

Javier Rey Barroso

Fellow of Human Frontier Science program

Margot Tertrais

Fellow of the Agence nationale de recherche sur le sida et les hépatites virales

PhD Students

Claire Bigot

Fellow of 80'prime program

Rémi Mascarau

Fellow of Toulouse Cancer Santé Fondation



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Buenos Aires, Argentina / 12 Nov.
Christel Vérollet will give a talk @ CONICET

Toulouse / 19 Oct.
Véronique Le Cabec will give a seminar @ StromaLab

Seignosse / 5-12 Oct.
Natacha Escallier & Renaud Poincloux are organising a workshop on DONALD nanoscopy @ MiFoBio Seignosse (2018 Oct. 5-12)

Toulouse / 4 Oct.
Marion Portes and Maeva Dupont will present their project @ the 3rd PhD student symposium, IPBS

Toulouse / 11&12 July
Renaud Poincloux is co-animating a workshop on microscopy for kids @ ESOF - Place du Capitole

Barcelona, Spain / 30 May - 1st June
Isabelle Maridonneau-Parini is invited to talk @ the 52nd ESCI

Toulouse / 3 May
Christel Verollet is invited to speak @ the IPBS-CPTP day

Toulouse / 5 Apr.
Marion Portes will present her project @ les Journées de l’Ecole Doctorale 

Toulouse / 29 March
Isabelle Maridonneau-Parini will talk about (iPSC)-derived macrophages @ le Club Macrophage de Toulouse

Monaco / 23 March
Christel Verollet is giving a talk @ the 20th Journées Française de Biologie des Tissus Déminéralisés

Jouy-en-Josas / 15 March
Renaud Poincloux is invited to speak @ INRA

Frankfurt, Germany / 8 March
Isabelle Maridonneau-Parini is invited to talk @ Goethe University

Paris / 9 Feb.
Shanti Souriant is presenting her work @ the 4th Sidaction Scientific Day


Helsinki, Finland / 12 Dec.
Renaud Poincloux is invited to speak @ the Cell Challenge symposium

Toulouse / 27 Nov.
Véronique Le Cabec is giving a talk @ IUCT

Toulouse / 21 Nov.
Christel Vérollet speaks @ the 6th FRBT day


Montpellier / 20 Nov.
Céline Cougoule will co-organise the first Symposium of the Occitanie network of Monocytes-Macrophages

Lyon / 18-20 May
Brigitte Raynaud-Messina is presenting a poster @ les Journées Françaises de Biologie des Tissus Minéralisés


Lisbon, Portugal / 9-15 July

Isabelle Maridonneau-Parini will be present @ the 17th HFSP Awardees Meeting 

Waterville Valley, NH, USA / 11-17 June

Isabelle Maridonneau-Parini is invited to speak @ the Gordon Research Conference on phagocytes


Helsinki, Finland / 7 June
Renaud Poincloux is giving a talk @ the European Cytoskeleton Forum

Bordeaux / 11 Apr

Renaud Poincloux is giving a talk @ Focus On Microscopy

Toulouse / 06 Jan

Céline Cougoule will defend her Habilitation à diriger des recherches @ the LCC


Toulouse / 07 Dec. 

Renaud Poincloux will defend his Habilitation à diriger des recherches @ the IPBS

Toulouse / 24 Nov. 

Renaud Poincloux is giving a talk @ the FRBT day

Toulouse / 22 Nov. 

Renaud Poincloux will meet sponsors for la Fondation Toulouse Cancer @ le Musée des Abattoirs

Toulouse / 18 Nov. 

Anais Bouissou is speaking @ 1st Symposium of the Club Macrophage Toulouse "Macrophage diversity in health and diseases", co-organised by Céline Cougoule

Toulouse / 14 Nov. 
Shanti Souriant has an interview with Ensemble, the newspaper from Sidaction (printed in 95,000 copies)

Arcachon / 7-9 Nov. 
Renaud Poincloux is giving a talk @ les Journées du GDR CellTiss 2016 

Nantes / 28 Sept. 
Véronique Le Cabec is giving a talk @ Niches & Cancer 2016

Roma, Italy / 24 Sept. 
Shanti Souriant and Christel Vérollet are giving talks @ the HIV Workshop XII

Naxos, Italy / 22 Sept. 
Véronique Le Cabec is giving a talk @ 100 years of phagocytes / Cell symposium

Paris / 19 Sept. 
Shanti Souriant has a poster @ the EMBO Conference Tuberculosis 2016

Erlangen, Germany / 12-14 Sept. 
Shanti Souriant is presenting her work  @ Frontiers of Retrovirology Conference 2016

Cambridge, UK / 22 June
Renaud Poincloux is giving a talk @ the European Cytoskeleton Forum

Trondheim, Norway / 10 June 
Renaud Poincloux is an invited speaker @ the SCANDEM meeting

Paris / 27-29 Apr. 
Véronique Le Cabec is giving a talk @ the Phagocyte worshop, ESCI

Zacatecas, Mexico / 19-23 Apr. 
Céline Cougoule is an invited speaker @ el XXII Congreso Nacional de Inmunologia

Paris / 7 Apr. 
Shanti Souriant is giving a talk @ the ANRS

Toulouse / 3-5 Feb.   
Véronique Le Cabec is giving a talk @ the Oncoweek

Toulouse / 25 Jan. 
Véronique Le Cabec is giving a talk @ IUCT

La Rochelle / 20-22 Jan. 
Véronique Le Cabec is an invited speaker @ the 1st congress of GDR 3697 MICRONIT


Hinxton, UK  / 7-8 Dec.
Edgardo Ferran is a co-organizer and speaker in the EMBL-EBI Industry Workshop on "Quantitative Systems Pharmacology II" @ the European Bioinformatics Institute (EBI)

Bordeaux / 30 Oct. 
Isabelle Maridonneau-Parini is giving a seminar @ la Plateforme de Génomique Fonctionnelle

Toulouse / 24 Nov. 
Renaud Poincloux is giving a talk @ the 4th FRBT annual meeting

Oaxtepec, Mexico / 10-13 Nov. 
Céline Cougoule is an invited speaker @  el XXIV Foro Nacional de Investigación en Salud - IMSS

Budapest, Hungary / 11-12 Nov. 
Arnaud Labrousse is giving a talk @ the Tarkinaid Consortium meeting

Tucuman, Argentina / 4 Nov.  
Edgardo Ferran is an invited speaker @ BioArgentina NOA organized by the Argentinian Chamber of Biotecnology (CAB), Tucuman, Argentina

Paris / 30 Oct. 
Isabelle Maridonneau-Parini is giving a seminar @ the Pasteur Institute

St Paul de Vence / 16-20 Oct.
Isabelle Maridonneau-Parini is an invited speaker and chairwoman and Renaud Poincloux is presenting a poster @ the Integrated mechano-chemical signals in invasion congress

Buenos Aires, Argentina / 14 Oct. 
Edgardo Ferran is an invited speaker @ the Argentinian Conference on Bioinformatics and Computational Biology (CAB2C)

Buenos Aires, Argentina / 8-9 Oct. 
Edgardo Ferran is a chairman, co-organizer and speaker @ the EMBL-MinCyT industry workshop on "Biotechnology and Genomics in Livestock, Agriculture and Human Health".

Cargèse / 28 Sep.-2 Oct.
Isabelle Maridonneau-Parini is an invited speaker @ the Quantitative Biology of Signaling congress

Toulouse / 4 June
Edgardo Ferran is giving a seminar @ IPBS

Barcelona, Spain / 13-15 May
Amsha Proag is presenting a poster @ the 6th European Cell Mechanics meeting

Marseille / 6- 7 May 
Céline Cougoule is presenting a poster @ the 4th MycoClub Conference

Paris / 8 Apr. 
Isabelle Maridonneau-Parini is giving a seminar @ Centre de Recherche sur l'Inflammation, Bichat

Toulouse / 2 Apr. 
Shanti Souriant is presenting a poster @ les Journées de l’école doctorale BSB

Boston, USA  /  31 Mar - 1 Apr 
Edgardo Ferran is a speaker @ the EMBL-EBI Industry workshop on "Immunogenomics"

Boston, USA / 30 Mar 
Edgardo Ferran is giving a seminar @ Genzyme 

Hinxton, UK / 18-19 Mar.
Edgardo Ferran is a co-organizer of the EMBL-EBI Industry Workshop on "Connectivity Map and LINC" @ the European Bioinformatics Institute

Barcelona, Spain / 3 Feb.
Edgardo Ferran is  giving two seminars @ the CRG


Nantes / 13-14 Nov. 
Céline Cougoule is giving a course on latest developments in inflammation research @ the EUmBRella meeting

Lille / 4-6 Nov.
Isabelle Maridonneau-Parini is an invited speaker @ the French Society for Immunology Annual meeting

Sopron, Hungary / 6-8 Oct. 
Céline Cougoule is giving a talk @ the Tarkinaid Consortium meeting

Toulouse / 3 Oct. 
Isabelle Maridonneau-Parini is giving a seminar @ la FRBT

Toulouse /  26 June 
Véronique Le Cabec is presenting her work @ the Workshop on 3D models and applications in oncology, Canceropole GSO

Marseille / 15-16 May 
Anaïs Bouissou is giving a seminar @ the 4th French Cell Adhesion Club Symposium

Limoges / 14-16 May
Christel Vérollet is presenting a poster @ la Société Française du Tissu minéralisé

Montpellier / 27-28 Apr.
Christel Vérollet and Shanti Souriant are presenting a poster @ the ANRS symposium


Ayman AL SAATI: Pharmacy 4th year (2015)

Annie BEHAR: technician, currently at Vectalys (Toulouse)
Emilie BONNAUD: master student, currently a PhD student at CPTP (Toulouse)
Sébastien CARRENO: PhD, currently group leader at IRIC (Montreal)
Guillaume CHARRIERE: Postdoctoral fellow, currently Maître de conférence at Université de Montpellier
Annabelle CORJEON: master student, currently account executive at Cyroi (Réunion)
Philippe GUIPhD student, currently a postdoctoral fellow at UCSF (San Francisco)
Thomas DAUBON: master student, currently junior research scientist in Norway
Anna LABERNADIE: PhD student, currently a postdoctoral fellow at IBEC (Barcelona)
Claire LASTRUCCI: PhD student, currently a postdoctoral fellow at CRG (Barcelona)
Philippe GUIPhD student, currently a postdoctoral fellow at CRG (Barcelona)
Romain GUIET: PhD student, currently an engineer at EPFL (Lausanne)
Nathalie LAVIOLETTE-MALIRAT: technician

Cléa LEMONNIER: INSA 3rd year (2015 Nov - 2016 Jan)

Nallely LOPEZ-LOPEZ: PhD student from the Biomedical Research Unit (Unidad de Investigation Biomedica de Zacatecas), affiliated to the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS— Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social) in Mexico (2016 Feb-May)
Louis MAROIS: currently student at Université de Laval (Quebec)
Etienne MEUNIER: master student, currently a postdoctoral fellow at University of Basel
Federica PIMPINELLI: Postdoctoral fellow, currently pharmacist (Milan)
Amsha PROAG: Postdoctoral fellow, currently a postdoctoral fellow in Magali Suzanne's team (Toulouse)

Ana Gabriela RAMOS MARTINEZ: PhD student from the Biomedical Research Unit (Unidad de Investigation Biomedica de Zacatecas), affiliated to the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS— Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social) in Mexico (2016 Sept-Nov) 

Noémie TAURINES: M1 "Biologie Santé" (2015)
Emeline VAN GOETHEM: PhD student, currently project coordinator at Ambiotis (Toulouse)
Heidi WELCH: PhD student, currently group leader at Babraham Institute (Cambridge)


Arnaud Labrousse animates the pedagogical Commission of the Sciences and Engineering Faculty (since 2009). He is an elected member of the council of the pedagogical department of Biology and Geoscience of the faculty. He teaches fundamental cell biology, trafficking, cell signaling and imaging to L1, L2, L3 & M1 students (lectures, exercises and practical courses).

Marion Portes gives practical exercises of geometrical optics (2016 Nov. 15 to Dec. 14) and of electricity @ INSAT (2017Jan. 16 to Feb. 28).

Renaud Poincloux, with the TRI facility, is animating a microscopy workshop for kids for la Fête de la Science @ le Quai des Savoirs (2016 Oct. 11-16). He gives a course on ImageJ @ IPBS (2016 May 24).

Anais Bouissou & Renaud Poincloux are organising a workshop on Protrusion Force Microscopy @ MiFoBio Seignosse (Sep. 30- Oct 7)

Christel Vérollet & Véronique Le Cabec are giving a course on Innate Immunity @ M2R Immunity (2016 Oct. 5)

Céline Cougoule organised a workshop on 3D cell migration in Zacatecas, Mexico (2016 Apr. 19-23, XXII CONGRESO NACIONAL DE INMUNOLOGA)