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The Muller-Staumont team is awarded the Ligue contre le cancer label


The "Microenvironment, Cancer and Adipocytes" research group led by Professor Catherine Muller-Staumont is internationally recognized for its expertise in studying the interactions between adipose tissue and tumor progression, particularly in obese cases.

The team's project supported by the Ligue contre le cancer deals with prostate cancer, the most common cancer in men. Adipose tissue plays an important role at the primary site of the tumor, with the prostate being surrounded by a specific adipose deposition called periprostatic adipose tissue. The abundance of this fat deposition has been identified as a novel major risk factor for aggressive prostate cancer. The dialogue between fat tissue and tumor cells can also take place at the main metastatic site of prostate cancer, the bone, a tissue rich in adipocytes called bone marrow adipocytes. The treatment of bone metastatic prostate cancer is a major public health challenge.

Through this label, the Ligue contre le cancer supports for 5 years the work of Professor Muller-Staumont's team on the role of bone marrow adipocytes in the progression of prostate cancer, an exciting and most promising research avenue to identify new therapeutic targets.