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IPBS and the TRI-Genotoul platform are equipped with a Zeiss Lattice SIM super-resolution microscope for the investigation of living organisms


Fluorescence microscopy analysis of cells showing actin (green) and tubulin (red).
©Elodie Vega, IPBS-CNRS



This equipment is part of the TRI-Genotoul platform.

Thanks to funding from the Occitania Region and FEDER funds, the TRI platform (IPBS site) has just been equipped with the new super-resolution microscopy technology by structured illumination in Lattice (SR-SIM), developed by Nobel Prize winner Eric Betzig. We are delighted to receive the second Zeiss Lattice SR-SIM microscope to be installed in France. Indeed, this device will make it possible to break technological barriers related to the speed and sensitivity of studies of living organisms at the subcellular level, and of microorganisms such as bacteria. More specifically, our private partner in this project, Antabio, will benefit from our expertise in the field of Lattice Microscopy SR-SIM for the preclinical development of its drug candidate. This device will be put at the service of the entire scientific community, academic and private, during October.

Contacts for more information

Antonio Peixoto (antonio.peixoto@ipbs)

Elodie Vega (


This equipment was obtained thanks to funding from the Occitania Region and FEDER funds.